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The History of Thai Medical Informatics Association (TMI)

The Thai Medical Informatics Association originated from the Thai Medical and Health Information Club, which was established in 1991. The club was formed from the initial idea of a medical doctor who saw the importance of utilizing computer technology in healthcare. In 1992, the Medical Consortium proposed the creation of a Medical Informatics working group led by Professor Dr. Athasit Vejjajiva and Professor Dr. Pisit Sunhapitak. The club attracted numerous medical professionals, healthcare personnel, and interested public members at their first academic conference.

In 1992, an academic conference was held at Songkhla Nakarin University, Songkhla Province, during which membership for the association was opened. The association began with ordinary members, patrons, and institutional members, with approximately 300 members. Professor Dr. Thada Yip-in-soi was named as the president of the association, with a committee of nine other members.

During the conference, several objectives for the association were identified, including:

  1. Serving as a centralized network for the coordination and dissemination of medical information.
  2. Promoting the development and management of medical information and knowledge.
  3. Facilitating the exchange of opinions and experiences in medical information.
  4. Boosting morale and motivation of medical information personnel.
  5. Suggesting ways to improve medical information work for organizations under the Ministry of Public Health, as well as other related organizations.
  6. Refraining from engaging in business or political activities.

In 1993, there was an annual association meeting at Chiang Mai University with approximately 700 attendees. The topics presented at the meeting included Multimedia, Network, LAN, WAN, patient referral system, Library, BBS (Bulletin Board Service), and Thai Index Medicus.

In 1994, the annual meeting was hosted by Mahidol University in collaboration with the club at Central Plaza Ladprao, Bangkok. The event was attended by approximately 1,200 individuals who suggested that representatives from various government and private organizations should become part of the association committee to ensure the better functioning of the association.

During the initial phase of the club, there were committee members from various organizations such as the army, Ministry of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, and University, among others. Their contribution helped in establishing and functioning of the association to date. The atmosphere within the association during the meetings, including monthly committee meetings and annual academic conferences, has been great, and everyone felt like a part of the same group. The association increased its committee members to 20 and invited government and private organizations to join the committee. However, some committee members from other provinces couldn’t attend the meeting due to distance and travel constraints. Hence, the association resolved this issue by testing teleconference technology.

In the years 1995 and 1996, the Ministry of Public Health collaborated with the club and hosted meetings at the Regent Hotel in Cha-Am for both years. During these events, the association presidents were Professor Dr. Athasit Vejjajiva and Dr. Somsak Chunharasmi, respectively. The conferences were about ICD-10 and HL7 standards, and there was a discussion on the need for data standards in the medical field due to potential problems that might arise without its establishment.

Finally, in April 2005, the Thai Medical and Health Information Club was registered as an official association named the “Thai Medical Informatics Association (TMI)” or “สมาคมเวชสารสนเทศไทย” in Thai.

Executive Board Members

Current (2023-2025)

Dr. Daorirk Sinthuvanich, M.D.Senior Advisor
Dr. Choosna Makarasara, M.D.Senior Advisor
Dr. Chamaree Chuapetcharasopon, M.D.Senior Advisor
Dr. Boonchai Kijsanayotin, M.D., Ph.D.Senior Advisor
Dr. Anant Kanoksilp, M.D.Advisor
Dr. Wansa Paoin, M.D, Ph.D.President
Dr. Bordin Sapsomboon, M.D., Ph.DVice President
Dr. Nipit Piravej, M.D.Vice President
Dr. Kitti Losuwanrak, M.D.Secretary
Dr. Maliwan Yuenyongsuwan, Ph.D.Deputy Secretary, Registrar
Mr. Sranyoo ChanateReceptionist
Dr. Kwin Sirikwin, M.D.Treasurer
Ms. Pasicha ThianchaoPublic Relations
Dr. Siriwan Suebnukarn, D.D.S., Ph.D.JTMI Editor
Dr. Cholatip Pongskul, M.D.Board Member
Dr. Nawanan Theera-Ampornpunt, M.D., Ph.D.Board Member
Dr. Kamthorn Tantivitayatan, M.D.Board Member
Dr. Prawit Wannaro, M.D.Board Member
Dr. Rath Panyowat, M.D.Board Member
Dr. Nipon Uppamanoraset, M.D.Board Member
Dr. Suthee Phoojaruenchanachai, Ph.D.Board Member