How to write the References


References must be in the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) style (https://www.nlm. They should be numbered in the order in which they appear in the text, and these numbers should be inserted each time the author is cited (Smith [1] reported similar findings). Other references to the paper should be given in the same way after punctuation. (For example: other study has shown this to be true [2]. Jones et al. [3] demonstrated…) At the end of the article the full list of references should give the names and initials of all authors unless there are more than six, in which case only the first three should be given followed by et al. The authors’ names are followed by the title of the article; the title of the journal abbreviated according to the style of Index Medicus; the year of publication; the volume number; and the first and last page numbers in full. Titles of books should be followed by the place of publication, the publisher, and the year. Authors are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of their references and correct text citations.


Journal article
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